Lioness Pride App


Unstereotype Alliance


Making up less than one third of creative leadership, many women in advertising report feeling isolated. With a lack of support and mentors, this feeling often causes them to leave the industry. Without their input, unconscious bias and stereotypes persist in advertising—in the workplace, and in the creative work we all see.


Help women in advertising feel less alone. How? Using an immersive Augmented Reality (AR) app that brings to life interviews with diverse women across titles and roles, around the globe, who share stories and strategies around creating networks, finding mentors, and advancing their career while navigating the complexities of #adlife as a woman.



You can download the Lioness Pride app for both iPhone and Android phones.


PRIDE /prīd/ noun:

A strong network comprised of personal supporters, allies, and advocates who you can count on to confide in, ask advice, and to champion you to advance toward your goals.