Different is Better Ident



As the years go by, smartphones, laptops, and the companies that create them look more and more the same. Minimal. White. Precise. A little boring? If Lenovo’s ideal is ‘different is better’, they’re in a category where everything looks like it was Designed in California.

To re-launch Lenovo and their new logo to the world, we created a series of brand films. For this film we shot the entire visual ident in camera with a Phantom on motion control. We used materials like ferrofluid, water balls, dry ice, colored powders, and paints mixed with oils (even milk). We then mixed these with unexpected textures like fur, plastics, and glass.


This creation out of tangible but wholly unexpected materials and extensive experimentation reflected Lenovo’s mantra of ‘different is better’. Most especially in a category dominated by Apple envy, little white boxes, and a genuine fear of not being safe and the same.

In the end, the unique visual ident that evolved matched the unique engineering philosophy of Lenovo. One that is founded on being unrestrained and uncompromisingly different. Get behind the scenes of this experimental shoot with the making of video above and images taken on set below.