Every year in mid-October the American Chemical Society celebrates National Chemistry Week to enhance the public’s perception of chemistry. As a recent spin-off business of DuPont, The Chemours Company needed to show the positive pervasiveness of chemistry, establish themselves as a leader in the chemical industry, and prove themselves as a major advocate for chemistry education. This provided us the perfect opportunity to create a compelling week-long campaign celebrating chemistry around the National Chemistry Week milestone. 

For many, learning about chemistry has never been something to sing about. So to promote #NationalChemistryWeek, we brought the elements to life and created an original, handcrafted, stop motion music video for each day of the week. Targeting educators and students, “The Periodic Table: Something to Sing About” celebrates the most fundamental scientific tool in a way that’s equally fun and inspiring for the next generation of chemists.

We made our client the big winner during National Chemistry Week, providing educational, entertaining, and branding content. In seven days with just $2,500 in paid media, our videos earned 881,375 impressions and 121,769 views. Chemours was the most shared brand during #NationalChemistryWeek and the #1 most retweeted company compared to all media, brands, and institutions.